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PDBeChem : Chemical Bonds

 Molecule : 3XX    

Bonds between two atoms of the molecule

Total Number of Bonds: 18

Record First Atom Second Atom First Element Second Element Bond Order Type Bond Length Bond Stereochemistry Is Aromatic
1 CAB CAG C C sing 1.5071592 N N
2 OAD CAH O C sing 1.3626631 N N
3 CAG CAH C C doub 1.3453349 N N
4 CAG OAF C O sing 1.3424742 N N
5 CAH CAI C C sing 1.4216621 N N
6 CAI OAC C O doub 1.2190562 N N
7 CAI CAJ C C sing 1.4789442 N N
8 OAF CAJ O C sing 1.3583571 N N
9 CAJ CAE C C doub 1.3387864 E N
10 CAE CAA C C sing 1.5061288 N N
11 OAD H1 O H sing 0.9671448 N N
12 CAB H2 C H sing 1.0907305 N N
13 CAB H3 C H sing 1.0904137 N N
14 CAB H4 C H sing 1.0898743 N N
15 CAE H5 C H sing 1.0806396 N N
16 CAA H6 C H sing 1.090183 N N
17 CAA H7 C H sing 1.0903018 N N
18 CAA H8 C H sing 1.0891088 N N