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 Molecule : 2BG    

Bonds between two atoms of the molecule

Total Number of Bonds: 20

Record First Atom Second Atom First Element Second Element Bond Order Type Bond Length Bond Stereochemistry Is Aromatic
1 CAE CAC C C doub 1.376867 N Y
2 CAE CAK C C sing 1.3929688 N Y
3 CAC CAB C C sing 1.3887178 N Y
4 SAH CAK S C sing 1.7609656 N Y
5 SAH CAI S C sing 1.7067451 N Y
6 CAK CAJ C C doub 1.3995271 N Y
7 CAB CAD C C doub 1.3613456 N Y
8 CAJ CAD C C sing 1.4094943 N Y
9 CAJ NAG C N sing 1.3465905 N Y
10 CAI NAG C N doub 1.2793534 N Y
11 CAI CAF C C sing 1.5071036 N N
12 CAF NAA C N sing 1.4698282 N N
13 CAD H1 C H sing 1.0795064 N N
14 CAB H2 C H sing 1.0804027 N N
15 CAC H3 C H sing 1.080461 N N
16 CAE H4 C H sing 1.0794749 N N
17 CAF H5 C H sing 1.0900877 N N
18 CAF H6 C H sing 1.0898921 N N
19 NAA H7 N H sing 1.009266 N N
20 NAA H8 N H sing 1.0093195 N N