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 Molecule : 0OM    

Bonds between two atoms of the molecule

Total Number of Bonds: 28

Record First Atom Second Atom First Element Second Element Bond Order Type Bond Length Bond Stereochemistry Is Aromatic
1 NAL CAJ N C doub 1.3166054 N Y
2 NAL CAF N C sing 1.319784 N Y
3 CAJ CAP C C sing 1.3961264 N Y
4 OAA CAN O C doub 1.2145756 N N
5 CAF CAE C C doub 1.3834063 N Y
6 CAP CAN C C sing 1.4774455 N N
7 CAP CAI C C doub 1.3994895 N Y
8 CAN OAM C O sing 1.3470267 N N
9 CAE CAI C C sing 1.38397 N Y
10 OAM CAK O C sing 1.4520069 N N
11 CAK CAO C C sing 1.5065696 N N
12 CAO CAH C C doub 1.3821852 N Y
13 CAO CAG C C sing 1.3824431 N Y
14 CAH CAD C C sing 1.3825928 N Y
15 CAG CAC C C doub 1.382594 N Y
16 CAD CAB C C doub 1.3821223 N Y
17 CAC CAB C C sing 1.382808 N Y
18 CAG H1 C H sing 1.079309 N N
19 CAC H2 C H sing 1.078917 N N
20 CAB H3 C H sing 1.0800037 N N
21 CAD H4 C H sing 1.079309 N N
22 CAH H5 C H sing 1.0809232 N N
23 CAK H6 C H sing 1.0894774 N N
24 CAK H7 C H sing 1.0904504 N N
25 CAI H8 C H sing 1.0804554 N N
26 CAE H9 C H sing 1.0796342 N N
27 CAF H10 C H sing 1.0798875 N N
28 CAJ H11 C H sing 1.0800213 N N