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Classification rna    | release date: Wed, Feb 23, 2000
Title the crystal structure of yeast phenylalanine trna at 1.93 a
Authors H.SHI, P.B.MOORE
Method X-RAY DIFFRACTION (resolution: 1.93Å)
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Residue colours:  hydrophilic   hydrophobic   intermediate 
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 coordinates of:  Cαs Side-chain
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JMol viewer RasMol script viewer  MN 550A  ..                                                                            
JMol viewer RasMol script viewer  MG 580A  ..      *      *                                                              
JMol viewer RasMol script viewer  MG 570A  ..      |      |                                                              
JMol viewer RasMol script viewer  MG 560A  ..      |      |                                                              
JMol viewer RasMol script viewer  MG 540A  ..      |      |     **                                                       
JMol viewer RasMol script viewer  MN 520A  ..      |      |     ||                                                       
JMol viewer RasMol script viewer  MG 510A  ..      |      |     ||                                                       
JMol viewer RasMol script viewer  MN 530A  ..      |      |    *||                                                       
JMol viewer RasMol script viewer  MG 590A  ..      |      |    |||                                                       
sec str:  ..............................................................................
seq num:  ..1         11        21        31        41        51        61        71    

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