Analysis of PDB data

The services offered from this page allow scientific discovery and statistical analysis of the PDBe database of macromolecule structure. The services provide : statistical analysis of molecule based information, selection of data subsets based on various molecule based distributions, statistical analysis of residue based information, and a database browser that allows queries based on SQL to be made directly agai nst the database.

ID code
Protein validation (leave blank for upload page)
Structure Statistics Analysis and statistics of macromolecular structure
Structure Selection Selection of structures
Residue Statistics Analysis and statistics of residue properties
Atom Statistics Analysis and statistics of atom data
Entry/Residue Statistics Analysis of residue properties as a function of Structure
Database browser A PDBe data browser (readonly) to query and view all the PDBe data
Mapping service A SIFTS mapping data analysis
Connect record search A Service to search unusual linkages in the PDB

These services use applets to present information. Therefore Java (version 1.1 or better) should be enabled in your browser.