It simply does not work!

This is probably an exaggeration: you can read these lines, therefore at least SSM documents do work for you. Seriously, however, you should be always able to get to the SSM Submission Form from SSM's Start Page. If you can not, then, indeed, it simply does not work and then please let us know about that.

Other reasons why you could get to this page:

  1. Some or all buttons, selection controls and links do not work.
  2. Submitted queries hang forever.
  3. None from the above.

Some or all buttons, selection controls and links do not work.
This may be caused by incompatibility of JavaScript, used in SSM-generated web pages, with that understood by your browser. So far, this malfunction has been reported only for Mozilla Firebird (version 0.6). Please report your case, even if this is Mozilla Firebird again.

We recommended using Netscape 6+ and Internet Explorer 5+. These are most widespread browsers. Netscape may be installed free on many platforms. Please consider using one if you are having this problem.

Even if you are using the recommended browsers, the buttons and other controls would not work if JavaScript support is switched off. Make sure that your browser is set to work with JavaScript.

Submitted queries hang forever.
It is important to identify whether you are getting to the SSM Wait Page or not. Normally, after submitting a query, SSM shows a page saying that the request is accepted, which after 5 seconds or so is replaced by the Wait Page showing how many CPUs are allocated and what is the current status of your query. The Wait Page reloads itself every 5 seconds until your query finishes, and then it automatically loads the Result Page.
  1. You are not getting to the intermediate page that acknowledges your submission. Provided that your Internet connection is in working order, this means that submission button(s) in the Submission Form do not work. Please refer to the above section.
  2. You are getting to the Wait Page, but it does not reload itself as it normally should. Although this may also indicate that your browser does not talk SSM's JavaScript (cf. above), the most obvious reason for this is that your browser is set to "smartly" reload pages from the cache. Switch the cache off! Go to the browser's preferences, section "Cache", and set comparison to the network as "Every time" or "Automatically". You may have difficulties to find this option in older browsers, such as Netscape 3 or even earlier Netscape 4. What to say - updating the browsers is free, please consider this approach. But even if you are so stuck to your loved one, don't be desperate as pressing "Reload" should force the browser to reload Wait Page from its source, so you'd have to keep pressing "Reload" until your results are ready. Update your browser!
  3. The Wait Page reloads itself but there is no progress. Firstly, it may only seem to reload. Check your cache settings as described above to make absolutely sure that your browser does not read from the cache. Secondly, the server may be busy. If that is the case, the Wait Page will eventually show a message in blue or red that your query is delayed. Finally, this may, indeed, indicate a crash, and we beg for your assistance. Please report your case!
  4. The Wait Page reloads and reports a progress, however Result Page doesn't show up after all CPUs say "completed". In some pathologically hard queries, it may take up to 10-20 minutes for SSM to display the Result Page after last CPU reported "completed" in the Wait Page. You should be very unlucky to run on such a query, and admittedly this is most probably a crash. We beg for your report.

None from the above is my problem.
Ok, please help us and we'll do our best to help you: report your problem.