PISA Assembly List.

Analysis of the complex represented by the coordinate section only of the PDB entry. help
Analysis of protein interfaces has not revealed strong indications that the structures
A:, [MN]A:301, [MN]A:302, [MN]A:303, [SO4]A:304, [EDO]A:305, [X48]A:306, [X48]A:307and [X48]A:308of 4m5o
may form a complex in solution.
The following results show some quaternary structures that can be formed from symmetry and protein affinity considerations.
The following quaternary structure falls into a grey region of complex formation criteria.
This structure may or may not be stable in solution.
 PQS set   mm 
 Formula   Composition   Id   Biomol 
 Stable   Surface 
 area, sq. Å 
 area, sq. Å 
 NN   «» 
 1   2   A2a6b2c2d6   A2[MN]6[SO4]2[EDO]2[X48]6   1   2   no    18900      6150      -18.8    -0.1 
PQS sets 1 to 1 of total 1 

PDBe PISA v1.52 [20/10/2014]