PISA Assembly List.

Analysis of the complex represented by the coordinate section only of the PDB entry. help
NOTE: In one or more solutions (PQS sets), not all chains appear in their original positions. Such sets are marked with asterisk (*) next to the set number.
Analysis of protein interfaces suggests that the following quaternary structures are stable in solution.  help
 PQS set   mm 
 Formula   Composition   Id   Biomol 
 Stable   Surface 
 area, sq. Å 
 area, sq. Å 
 NN   «» 
 1   8   A8a8b8c8   A4B4[ACT]8[CL]8[FAD]8   1   1   yes    134660      56560      -459.2    11.8 
 2   2   A2a2b2c2   AB[ACT]2[CL]2[FAD]2   2   –   yes    36160      11640      -105.7    67.6 
PQS sets 1 to 2 of total 2 

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