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CAPRI: Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions
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 MSD  CAPRI: Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions

Round 9 CAPRI community wide experiment on the comparative evaluation of protein-protein docking for structure prediction

Hosted By EMBL/EBI-MSD Group

Capri Target Publications

T24-25 Arf1/ARHGap10

Ménétrey J, Perderiset M, Cicolari J, Dubois T, Elkhatib N, El Khadali F, Franco M, Chavrier P, Houdusse A. Structural basis for ARF1-mediated recruitment of ARHGAP21 to Golgi membranes.
EMBO J. 2007 in press.
PDB entry 2j59.


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  • scorer and uploader ID's can be found here at the CAPRI site in Brussels

    PLEASE NOTE: The coordinates are still un-published and confidential they are not freely available

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    Scorers can download the server set of submissions from using the same login user/pass as distributed for Capri round9. Full details and deadlines are given on this site.

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