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CAPRI: Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions
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 MSD  CAPRI: Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions

Round 7 CAPRI community wide experiment on the comparative evaluation of protein-protein docking for structure prediction

Hosted By EMBL/EBI-MSD Group

Capri Target Publications

T21 Orc1/Sir1

Hou Z, Bernstein DA, Fox CA, Keck JL. Structural basis of the Sir1-origin recognition complex interaction in transcriptional silencing.
PNAS 2005 102:8489-94.
PDB entry 1zhi.

ROUND 7 with 1 Target open for Registration From 29-May-2005

To download the target coordinates you must agree to the following conditions at the time of download. Agreement (pdf)
To Register please email
Joel Janin,, Kim Henrick
Team Leader Name:
e-Mail Address:
Staff Position At your Institute:
If a Team is submitting
For each member please send Name: & email:

There is 1 confirmed target in CAPRI Round 7, Target 21. Details will withheld until the start date Monday May 9th 2005. At that date the starting coordinate files will be password locked. Registered participants will be supplied with the password on May 9th.

Participants are reminded that all coordinates remain confidential communications until released by the authors or the PDB

The schedule will be:

start Round 7 of CAPRI on May 9th 2005

Submission Cloased on Sunday May 22nd 2005 midnight UK time

Documentation and Targets Round 7

  • Participants
  • Management Group
  • Prediction formats
  • Target list (password available May 9th)
  • Closed
  • At the Evaluation Meeting, it was agreed that 10 models can be submitted, and that they must be ranked.


  • Current submissions

    Numerical evaluation

  • Identification of Participants For Capri round7 ID Mapping
  • The results are now available for target 21.

  • Results for Target 21

  • T21 has proved to be a difficult target. The evaluation for T21 has been completed. Marc F. Lensink ( has taken over from Raul and the format of the results page has changed but should be basically self-explanatory.

    Target 21 for Round 7 has now been published as:

     PROC.NATL.ACAD.SCI.USA        V. 102  8489 2005              
     ASTM PNASA6  US ISSN 0027-8424                               

    and has been released in the PDB as Entry 1ZHI As a consequence all coordinate data is freely available.

    Email Problems or Queries to Kim Henrick, John Tate