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CAPRI: Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions
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   Evaluation Meeting
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   ROUND 5
 MSD  CAPRI: Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions

Fifth community wide experiment on the comparative evaluation of protein-protein docking for structure prediction

Hosted By EMBL/EBI-MSD Group

Note: You would have been registered with a Group number and your submissions would have been issued an ID such as for Miri Eisenstein as Group number 1 with for example an acknowledgement for submission on target 14 as T14_P11.brk.1 The accessors would have received this file as T14_P55.brk.1. Look in this table and take the red value as your evaluation numbered file.

CAPRI participants IDcodes Round 5


01Miri Eisenstein1155
02Lynn F. Ten Eyck, Dennis Law1059
03Ludwig Krippahl0962
04Jeffrey J. Gray, Mike Daily0867
05Yaoqi Zhou, Chi Zhang, Song Liu0770
06Juan Fernandez-Recio, Ruben Abagyan, Max Totrov0194
07David Baker, Ora Schueler-Furman, Chu Wang0675
08Cun-Xin WANG0580
09Kay Gottschalk04n.a
10Alexandre Bonvin, Aalt-Jan Dijk, sjoerd, Cyril Dominguez0384
11Wolfson Haim, Dina Schneidman-Duhovny, Yuval Inbar, Ruth Nussinov6678
12Zhiping Weng, Kevin Wiehe, Brian Pierce, Julian Mintseris, Wei Wei Tong, Michael Li, Robert Anderson, Jianhua Zhu5412
13E J Gardiner4333
14Dave Ritchie, Diana Mustard3244
15Alessandra Fano, Antonio Carrieri, Dave Ritchie2153
16Yiannis Kaznessis, Yuhua Duan, Boojala Reddy2548
17Phil Carter, Mike Sternberg, Victor Lesk, Konrad Paszkiewicz3640
18Andrei Tovchigrechko, Ilya Vakser4726
19Kyoungrim Lee, Jooyoung Lee, Jaehyun Sim5892
20Paul Bates, Paul Fitzjohn, Graham Smith, Jose Jimenez6973
21Mayuko Takeda-Shitaka, Genki Terashi, Daisuke Takaya, Hideaki Umeyama, Mitsuo Iwadate, Kazuhiko Kanou7468
22Jan Rosenzweig86n.a.
23Julie Bernauer, Anne Poupon7965
24ClusPro ( Steve Comeau9357
25Carlos J. Camacho5222
26Martin Zacharias6182
27David Alejandro Juan Sopena, Osvaldo Grana, Gozalo Lopez, Michael Tress8360
28Brian Norledge, Art Olson3937
29Michael Nilges95n.a.