CAPRI: Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions

Community wide experiment on the comparative evaluation of protein-protein docking for structure prediction

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Important notice regarding the CASP13-CAPRI Assembly prediction challenge

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We are announcing the imminent launch of CAPRI Round 46 : a CASP-CAPRI Assembly prediction challenge

Dear CAPRI participants,

We hereby announce the launch of CAPRI Round 46. This Round is the third common CASP-CAPRI Assembly prediction challenge, involving a close collaboration not only between the CASP team and the CAPRI Management Committee, but also between the two communities overall.

The 13th CASP session will take place between May 1 and July 30, 2018. CAPRI Round 45 will take place over the same period. Members of both the CASP and CAPRI communities will be invited to model the interfaces of protein hetero-complexes, homo-multimers and domain-domain interactions in appropriate CASP13 targets. Description of the CASP13 experiment can be found at:

As in previous CASP-CAPRI Rounds the number or type of targets that will be made available for this round are currently unknown, as targets are being submitted to CASP piecemeal during the entire duration of the CASP13 session. Decision on targets designated for CAPRI docking and scoring predictions (only a subset of the CASP13 targets prediction is expected to represent appropriate CAPRI targets), will be made by CAPRI MC members (Shoshana Wodak, Sameer Velankar, and Marc Lensink), and communicated to CASP.

Target information: Information on the different targets and submission deadlines (for servers, dockers and scorer) will be provided on the CAPRI website. Target information provided by CASP will be available on the CASP website. To ensure that the models submitted by predictor groups strictly adhere to the standard format and residue numbering, a template with the standard submission format will be available to predictor, uploader and scorer groups on the CAPRI website. All models will be checked for the format consistency prior to their acceptance!

Registration: CAPRI participants wishing to take part in this CAPRI prediction round are invited to register for the entire round in advance. CAPRI registration for Round 46 will be open starting May 6th, and the first targets will be announced on Monday, May 7th.
For pragmatic reasons, we require CAPRI participants to register also with the CASP13 session, which is already open. Only groups registered with both experiments will be part of the joint CASP/CAPRI experiment. In addition, you should include your CASP group ID into your submission, using a REMARK field.

When registering with CASP, participants should click the radio button "Do you want to receive an e-mail when a target is designated as CAPRI?" In this case they will be receiving an automatic message each time a new CAPRI target is designated.
Upon receiving this message participants should consult the CAPRI site for additional target information and for the timelines for submission of server models, docking models, and scoring submissions.

Model Submission: There will be exchange of models between CASP and CAPRI.
As per usual CAPRI Rounds, CAPRI-only participants are invited to submit 100 models through the CAPRI gateway (, with the first 10 models ranked in order of decreasing model quality. The CAPRI team will forward the top 5 models to CASP for evaluation.
Regular CASP participants should submit up to 5 models through the CASP submission interface. Only models submitted through the CAPRI gateway will be considered for the scoring experiment.

Model evaluation: All the submitted models (to CAPRI or CASP) of homo- and hetero-complexes on CAPRI-selected targets, will be evaluated by the CAPRI evaluation team as usual.
The models (top 5 only) submitted by CAPRI participants will also be evaluated by the CASP independent evaluation team. The CASP and CAPRI assessor teams will meet to discuss how the evaluation results will be published in the CASP13 Special Issue.

Yours sincerely

The CAPRI Management Committee

Targets and timeline

CAPRI target CASP target Prediction opens Server deadline Human deadline Scorer set available Scorer submission deadline
T137 T0965 17 May 21 May 7 June 15 June 20 June
T138 T0966 17 May 21 May 7 June 15 June 20 June
T139 T0961 21 May 24 May 14 June 18 June 22 June
T140 T0973 24 May 29 May 14 June 18 June 22 June
T141 T0976 29 May 1 June 19 June 20 June 26 June
T142 H0974 25 May 1 June 19 June 22 June 28 June
T143 T0983 5 June 8 June 28 June 29 June 6 July
T144 T0984 6 June 9 June 29 June 30 June 7 July
T145 T0988 cancelled cancelled cancelled cancelled cancelled
T146 H0993 15 June 18 June 6 July 7 July 14 July
T147 T0995 19 June 22 June 10 July 11 July 18 July
T148 T0997 21 June 24 June 12 July 13 July 20 July
T149 T0999 22 June 25 June 13 July Combined with T151 Combined with T151
T150 S0999 17 July 20 July 5 August Combined with T151 Combined with T151
T151 X0999 1 August 5 August 20 August 24 August 29 August
T152 T1003 27 June 30 June 18 July 19 July 26 July
T153 T1006 3 July 6 July 24 July 25 July 2 Aug
T154 T1009 4 July 7 July 25 July 26 July 3 Aug
T155 H1015 11 July 18 July 1 Aug 2 Aug 9 Aug
T156 H1017 12 July 19 July 2 Aug 3 Aug 10 Aug
T157 H1019 13 July 20 July 3 Aug 4 Aug 11 Aug
T158 T1020 13 July 20 July 3 Aug 10 Aug 15 Aug
T159 H1021 14 July 21 July 4 Aug 10 Aug 17 Aug
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    Scorers can download the server set of submissions from using the same login user/password as distributed for Capri round45. Full details and deadlines are given on this site.

    Email Problems or Queries to Sameer Velankar