• ROUND 36

    CAPRI: Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions

    Community wide experiment on the comparative evaluation of protein-protein docking for structure prediction

    Hosted By EMBL/EBI-PDBe Group

    We are announcing the imminent launch of CAPRI Round 39.

    This Round offers a total of 3 targets: T122, T123, T124.

    T122 is a human cytokine receptor complex: (IL23-IL23R), structure determined at 2.8Ã…, offered by Savvas Savvides, Dept. Bochemistry & Microbiology, Ghent University, Belgium.

    T123, T124 are two high-resolution complexes of the Nter and Cter domains respectively, of PorM, a component of the bacterial type 9 secretion system, with a camelid nanobody. The targets are offered by Alain Roussel, Université Aix Marseille.

    Please note that we are now asking predictors to submit up to 100 models directly to the EBI CAPRI website at the date of the predictor submission deadline. For targets where template-based modeling/docking is used, predictors are highly encouraged to submit as many models as possible.

    Therefore, the step of separately uploading models for the scoring challenge to the CNRS/Lille website is eliminated.

    Note also, that the first 10 models of the submitted set will be considered as the 10 best models to be evaluated as predictor models have been in the past, except that from now on the model ranking will be evaluated as well.

    As previously, the (larger) set of submitted models will be used to generate the datasets for scoring challenge. Those will still be made available from the CNRS/Lille site for this scoring Round. The CNRS/Lille site is also where the scoring submission has to be deposited.

    Documentation and Targets Round 39

    • April 10 - registration begins
    Target T122, T123, T124
    • April 18 - prediction Round opens
    • April 21 - deadline for server submissions
    • May 21 - deadline for submitting predictions
    • May 26 - scoring Round set available
    • May 31 - scoring Round submission deadline


    Scorers can download the server set of submissions from
    http://cb.iri.univ-lille1.fr/capri/ using the same login user/pass as distributed for Capri round39. Full details and deadlines are given on this site.

    Email Problems or Queries to Sameer Velankar