CAPRI: Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions

Community wide experiment on the comparative evaluation of protein-protein docking for structure prediction

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Round 30

Round 30 ID mapping from group number to Accessor Number for Target 68-94

NOTE The Coordinates are not yet available for download

All results for targets 68-94
Presentation from the Cancun meeting

Round 30 assessment- Assessment of subunit quality of submitted CASP11 and CAPRI30 models.

Subunit quality is calculated by the LGA program [PMID: 12824330] and expressed as LGA-S on a scale of 0 to 100.
Column 1 lists Model ID, column 2 CASP Target ID and column 3 LGA-S score.

We are announcing the launch of CAPRI Round 30. This Round is launched as a collaboration between CAPRI and CASP, the well known Critical Assessment of Structure predictions (of proteins). With the mounting interest in deriving high resolution information on protein interactions and complexes, the time is ripe to promote closer collaboration between developers of structure and function prediction methods, and those predicting the association modes of proteins with other macromolecules.

The 11th CASP session will take place between May 1 and August 2014. CAPRI Round 30 will take place over the same period. Members of both the CASP and CAPRI communities will be invited to model the interfaces of protein hetero- complexes, homo-multimers and domain-domain interactions in appropriate CASP11 targets. Description of the CASP11 experiment can be found at: CASP 11 description

The number or type of targets that will be made available for this round are currently unknown, as targets are being submitted to CASP piecemeal during the entire duration of the CASP11 session. Decision on targets designated for CAPRI docking and scoring predictions (only a small subset of the CASP11 targets prediction is expected to represent appropriate CAPRI targets) will be made by CAPRI MC members (Shoshana Wodak, Sameer Velankar, and Marc Lensink). Information on these targets and submission deadlines (for servers, dockers and scorer) will be provided on the CAPRI website.

Registration: CAPRI participants wishing to take part in this CAPRI prediction round are invited to register for the entire round in advance. CAPRI registration for Round 30 will be open from April 15 - April 30.

We also encourage CAPRI participants to register with the CASP11 session, which is already open. When registering with CASP, participants should click the radio button "Do you want to receive an e-mail when a target is designated as CAPRI?". In this case they will be receiving an automatic message each time a new CAPRI target is designated. Upon receiving this message participants should consult the CAPRI site for additional target information and for the timelines for submission.

Documentation and Targets Round 30

Upload of models for use by other groups

Please do not use the following link to upload your predictions

22nd May 2014 - Scoring starts for target 68


Scorers can download the server set of submissions from using the same login user/pass as distributed for Capri round30. Full details and deadlines are given on this site.

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