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CAPRI: Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions
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   Evaluation Meeting
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   ROUND 3
 MSD  CAPRI: Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions

Third community wide experiment on the comparative evaluation of protein-protein docking for structure prediction

Hosted By EMBL/EBI-MSD Group

Documentation and Targets Round 3

  • Participants
  • Management Group
  • Prediction formats
  • Target list
  • Submissions CLOSED Feb 05
  • At the Evaluation Meeting, it was agreed that 10 models can be submitted, and that they must be ranked.


  • Current submissions

    Numerical evaluation

  • Identification of Participants For Capri Round3 ID Mapping
  • The results are now avalaible for targets 08, and 09.

  • Results for Target 08
  • Results for Target 09

    Target 9 In press see:
    J Biol Chem. 2005 Feb 7; [Epub ahead of print]
    Activation of the LicT transcriptional antiterminator involves a domain swing/lock mechanism provoking massive structural changes.
    Graille M, Zhou CZ, Receveur-Brechot V, Colinet B, Declerck N, van Tilbeurgh H.

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