CAPRI: Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions

Community wide experiment on the comparative evaluation of protein-protein docking for structure prediction

Hosted By EMBL/EBI-MSD Group

Note: You would have been registered with a Group number and your submissions would have been issued the same ID. In the table below your results are listed under the number in red

scorer and uploader ID's can be found here at the CAPRI site in Brussels

CAPRI participants IDcodes Round 17

Group Number (upload number), Group NameAccessor Number- Target T39Accessor Number- Target T38
P1- Julie C. MitchellP20 P31
P2- Cun-Xin WANGP27 P37
P4- Paul A. BatesP41P34
P5- Alexandre M.J.J. BonvinP16P28
P6- HaddockP46P41
P7- Turkan HalilogluP14P30
P8- Debnath PalP24P40
P9- Carlos J CamachoP35P3
P10- SmoothdockP1 P1
P11- Emil AlexovP21 P20
P12- GRAMM-X, Andrey TovchigrechkoP32 P32
P13- Ilya VakserP3 P9
P14- TopDown P44
P15- Haruki NakamuraP10 P35
P16- Huan-Xiang ZhouP7 P7
P17- Andrey Tovchigrechko P4
P18- Martin ZachariasP8 P22
P19- Zhiping WengP39 P39
P20- Dave RitchieP2 P8
P21- David BakerP11 P12
P22- Xiaoqin ZouP42 P16
P23- Miri EisensteinP33 P38
P24- Haim WolfsonP4 P11
P25- PatchDock, Haim WolfsonP15 P33
P26- FireDock, Haim WolfsonP6 P2
P27- Carlos A. Del CarpioP17 P10
P28- Juan Fernandez-RecioP38 P24
P29- Fan JiangP23 P13
P30- Arne ElofssonP31 P15
P33- 3D-GardenP13 P18
P34- Mayuko Takeda-ShitakaP25 P23
P37- Ron ElberP12 P14
P38- Ora FurmanP5 P19
P39- Stefan Gunther P42
P41- Sandor VajdaP22P26
P42- ClusProP18P21
P44- Meng CuiP9 P17
P45- Lynn Ten EyckP34P5
P48- Jeffrey J. GrayP28P25

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