CAPRI: Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions

Community wide experiment on the comparative evaluation of protein-protein docking for structure prediction

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Round 16

Round 16 ID mapping from group number to Accessor Number
NOTE The Coordinates are not yet available for download

Target T37 a protein-protein complex (unbound/homology).

Due to the high symmetry between the two chains in the ligand and their close proximity to each other and the interface, it was not possible to automatically determine the chain correspondence between prediction and targets for these chains. Two assessments were therefore performed, with the first (T37.1) using the normal algorithm, and the second (T37.2) after exchanging the two chains in the ligand in case of ambiguity. The assessment with the best (lowest) ligand rmsd is the official assessment.

Results T37.1 ( using the normal algorithm)
Results T37.2 (after exchanging the two chains in the ligand)
Comparison between the above two methods for each upload

Predictor groups: 39
High accuracy (***): 1
Medium accuracy (**): 7
Acceptable (*): 13
Incorrect: 348
Clashes: 21
Clash threshold 47
average 15
std dev 16

Uploader groups: 17
High accuracy (***): 8
Medium accuracy (**): 34
Acceptable (*): 34
Incorrect: 1219
Clashes: 405

Scorer groups: 11
High accuracy (***): 5
Medium accuracy (**): 13
Acceptable (*): 11
Incorrect: 58
Clashes: 23

ROUND 16 Timeline
13 Oct 2008 Registration opens

Target T37 a protein-protein complex (unbound/homology).
27th Oct 2008 Round 16 opens - prediction of T37
23rd Nov 2008 Deadline for submitting models
27th Nov 2008 Scoring Starts
02nd Dec 2008 Deadline for Scoring

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  • closed on 23rd Nov. 2008
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