CAPRI: Critical Assessment of PRediction of Interactions

Community wide experiment on the comparative evaluation of protein-protein docking for structure prediction

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Round 11

Capri Target Publications

T27 E2-25K/Ubc9

Walker, J.R., Avvakumov, G.V., Xue, S., Newman, E.M., Mackenzie, F., Weigelt, J., Sundstrom, M., Arrowsmith, C.H., Edwards, A.M., Bochkarev, A., Dhe-Paganon, S. A Novel and Unexpected Complex Between the SUMO-1-Conjugating Enzyme UBC9 and the Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme E2-25 kDa
(to be published)
PDB entry 2o25

ROUND 11 Target 27 RESULTS available see below
PLEASE NOTE the coordinates are still confidential and the links to directory PDB are blocked.
NOTE ALSO: some models carry the classification 'unclassified'. these are in fact models where all residues constituting the interface are missing in the structure. 'unclassified' should therefore be read as 'incorrect'

PLEASE NOTE: The coordinates are still un-published and confidential they are not freely available.

T27: The crystal structure offers two possible interfaces between E2-25 KDA and UBC9, an ambiguity that is not fully resolved by biochemical data at present. Thus, predictions have now been assessed against both solutions, now marked T27_1 and T27_2.

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