IPD-MHC Submissions

The IPD-MHC Database Submission Tool allows direct submission of sequences to the MHC Nomenclature Committee.

  • Please follow the instructions provided and do not use national characters like é, ó or í or carriage returns (<cr>).
  • If you have any problems or queries please contact IPD Support..

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Regular Submittors

If you have previously submitted sequences online to any of the IPD components or the IMGT/HLA Database you will have received a unique Submittor ID. This is not the 8-digit Submission ID, which is unique to each submission. The Submittor ID is an 8-digit code comprising 5 numbers, a letter and 2 further numbers..

Submittor ID
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New Submittors

If you do not have a Submittor ID please complete the form below in full. You will receive a unique Submittor ID once your first submission has been processed and once issued can be used for all future submissions for any IPD or IMGT/HLA submission.

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Please ensure you type in a valid email address. Confirmation of a successful submission will be sent to the address you enter.
The contact details you provide to the Immuno-Polmorphism Database are strictly confidential and will not be used for any other purpose. Your name will be listed with any sequences or cells you submit as the submittor of the sequence. If you do not wish your address to be available to the public please, check the following box.
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