Species Included in IPD-MHC

The tables below detail the official group names and species designations included in the IPD-MHC database. The table lists the MHC group, current official designation, common and scientific name and any previous equivalents. The official designations are assigned by the Comparitive MHC Nomenclature Committee as established by the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG) who are affiliated to the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) - Veterinary Immunology Committee (VIC).

IPD-MHC Group Official Designation Scientific Name Common Name Previous Equivalents
Canine (DLA) DLA Canis familiaris Domestic dogs  
DLA Canis lupus Grey wolf  
DLA Canis rufus Red wolf  
DLA Canis lupus baileyi Mexican wolf  
DLA Canis latrans Coyote  
Cattle Bola Bos taurus / Bos indicus Cattle  
Bibi Bison bison American Bison  
Chicken B & Y Gallus gallus Chicken  
Feline (FLA) FLA Felis catus Domestic cats  
Fish Sasa Salmo salar Atlantic salmon  
Onmy Oncorhynchus mykiss Rainbow trout  
Horses (ELA) Eqca Equis caballus Horses  
Non-Human Primates (NHP) Patr Pan troglodytes Chimpanzee ChLA
Papa Pan paniscus Bonobo or pygmy chimpanzee  
Hyla Hylobates lar White-handed gibbon  
Gogo Gorilla gorilla Gorilla (lowland) GoLA
Popy Pongo pygmaeus Orangutan OrLA
Cemi Cercopithecus mitis Blue monkey  
Cene Cercopithicus neglectus de Brazza's monkey  
Chae Chlorocebus aethiops Vervet monkey  
Cogu Colobus guereza Mantled colobus  
Loat Lophocebus aterrimus Black mangabey  
Maar Macaca arctoides Stump-tailed macaque  
Mafa Macaca fascicularis Crab-eating macaque  
Mafu Macaca fuscata Japanese macaque  
Mamu Macaca mulatta Rhesus macaque RhLA
Mane Macaca nemestrina Pig-tailed macaque  
Masi Macaca silenus Lion-tailed macaque  
Male Mandrillus leucophaeus Drill  
Masp Mandrillus sphinx Mandrill  
Paan Papio anubis Olive baboon  
Pacy Papio cynocephalus Yellow baboon  
Paha Papio hamadryas Hamadryas baboon  
Papp Papio papio Guinea baboon  
Paur Papio ursinus Chacma baboon  
Pren Presbytis entellus Entelus langur  
Thge Theropithecus gelada Gelada baboon  
Aoaz Aotus azarae Owl monkey  
Aona Aotus nancymaae Northern night (owl) monkey  
Aoni Aotus nigriceps Northern night (owl) monkey  
Aotr Aotus trivirgatus Northern night (owl) monkey OmLA
Aovo Aotus vociferans Owl monkey  
Atbe Ateles belzebuth Long-haired spider monkey  
Atfu Ateles fusciceps Brown-headed spider monkey  
Caja Callithrix jacchus Common marmoset MaLA
Cepy Cebuella pygmaea Pygmy marmoset  
Camo Callicebus moloch Duski titi monkey  
Ceap Cebus apella Tufted capuchin  
Lero Leontopithecus rosalia Golden lion tamarin  
Pipi Pithecia pithecia White-faced saki  
Safu Saguinus fuscicollis Saddle back tamarin  
Sage Saguinus geoffroyi Red-crested tamarin  
Samy Saguinus mystax Moustached tamarin  
Saoe Saguinus oedipus Cotton-top tamarin  
Sasc Saimiri sciureus Common squirrel monkey  
Prosimians Leca Lemur catta Ring tailed lemur  
Rat (RT1) Rano Rattus norvegicus Laboratory rat  
Rara Rattus rattus Black rat  
Sheep (OLA) Ovar Ovis aries Domestic sheep  
Ovca Ovis canadensis Bighorn sheep  
Swine (SLA) SLA Sus domesticus Domestic pig  
SLA Sus scrofa Feral pig  

New Species

If you are working on MHC nomenclature and your species is not represented above please complete the following form, which will submit a request for a new 4 letter code to the Comparitive MHC Nomenclature Committee. Nomenclature committees representing different species or groups should also contact IPD Support for further information about the inclusion of their sequences into the IPD-MHC Database.