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Welcome to the IPD-MHC Swine Leukocyte Antigen (SLA) website. The site is intended as a resource for information on the nomenclature and DNA sequence data for the genes of the swine MHC complex. The data presented represents work published or submitted to public databases by many authors and has been compiled and edited by the members of the SLA Nomenclature Committee of the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG).

IPD-MHC Announcement, December 2015

  • The IPD-MHC Project and underlying infrastructure is currently undergoing a major rebuild. This is to cope with the increase volume of data, to include all updated information for all species and to streamline the release process.
  • In the interim period, any updates to the various projects will be published as either downloadble PDFs of the nomenclature reports and tables or as a set of FASTA files in the appropriate subdirectory of the FTP server.
  • We apologise for the inconvenience caused during this period, however the project requires this input to move forward and provide the community with the quality of data required.
  • This work is made possible by support from The Pirbright Institute, the BBSRC, and Anthony Nolan.


The information presented here is based on the reports of the SLA Class I Nomenclature Workshops:

  • Smith DM, Lunney JK, Martens GW, Ando A, Lee JH, Ho CS, Schook L, Renard C, Chardon P
    Nomenclature for factors of the SLA class-I system, 2004
    Tissue Antigens (2005), 65:136-9
  • Smith DM, Lunney JK, Ho CS, Martens GW, Ando A, Lee JH, Schook L, Renard C, Chardon P
    Nomenclature for factors of the swine leukocyte antigen class-II system, 2005
    Tissue Antigens (2005), 66:623-9
  • Ho CS, Lunney JK, Ando A, Rogel-Gaillard C, Lee JH, Schook LB, Smith DM
    Nomenclature for factors of the SLA system, update 2008
    Tissue Antigens (2009), 73:307-15

Both articles are freely available from Blackwell-Synergy.com.

The following additional information on the SLA region is also available:


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