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Swine (SLA) Class II Region

Comparative map of the pig and human MHC class II region, based on Barbosa et al and Renard et al. The map does not include all genes in this region.

Haplotype Map

The number and location of HLA-DRB pseudogenes varies between haplotypes. Only one SLA haplotype has been fully sequenced. Boxed loci are the genes that encode the expressed SLA-DR and SLA-DQ proteins.

All references are linked to the PubMed abstract where possible.

  1. Barbosa A, Demeure O, Urien C, Milan D, Chardon P, Renard C.
    A physical map of large segments of pig chromosome 7q11-q14: comparative analysis with human chromosome 6p21.
    Mamm Genome. (2004) 15:982-95.
  2. Renard et al, Unpublished

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