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Further to the DLA Nomenclature Committee reports, the website also offers a table of DLA Loci and nomenclature reports on individual loci.

DLA Nomenclature update June 2005

The DLA nomenclature committee previously stated that sequence data from exons 2 and 3 only were required in order to assign alleles names to class I alleles.

Recently we have been in discussion as to whether these conditions are still appropriate. It has now become apparent from human data, and also dog, that there is intronic variation between alleles at the same locus, plus variation in other exons of class I, such that the human nomenclature committee now require full length genomic sequence for allele assignment.

Full length genomic sequences are not currently easily obtainable for dog class I, so we have decided that we require sequence from exon 1 to the first part of intron 3, for DLA class I allele assignment. This range may be extended in the future.

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