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Chicken MHC Sequences

The chicken section of IPD-MHC will contain information about selected genes on chicken chromosome 16. This microchromosome is divided into two sides by the Nucleolar Organising Region (NOR) which encodes rRNAs. One side is known to contain BLA (the classical class II A gene) and the B complex including the classical MHC and BG genes, lectin-like genes and CD1 genes, while the other side is known to contain the factor B gene and the Y locus including nonclassical class I and class II B genes as well as lectin-like genes. Various researchers in the field have met as ad hoc nomenclature committees at several meetings, and a recommended nomenclature for the genes on chromosome 16 was published (Miller et al 2004). For the IPD-MHC, initially only full-length coding sequences from cDNA or from complete genes will be displayed, although a larger list including partial sequences (for instance exon 2 and 3 for BF and YF alleles, and exon 2 for BLB and YLB alleles) may be established at a later date. The sequences will be named in accordance with the recommended nomenclature, but only those sequences whose genomic location has been unambiguously established will be assigned to particular loci; all others will be prefixed "N" for "not assigned". MHC sequences from other bird species may be added in the future.

  • Miller MM, Bacon LD, Hala K, Hunt HD, Ewald SJ, Kaufman J, Zoorob R, Briles WE
    2004 Nomenclature for the chicken major histocompatibility (B and Y) complex.
    Immunogenetics (2004) 56:261-79

    Full Text available from Springerlink


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