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Cattle Sequences - Release 1.3.0 18/11/2011

Welcome to the IPD-MHC BoLA Website. This is intended to be the definitive source of information on the bovine major histocompatibility complex - its genes, proteins and polymorphism. The BoLA nomenclature committee is a standing committee of the International Society for Animal Genetics. Its purpose is to collate data on the Bovine Leucocyte Antigens (BoLA) and provide a forum for the analysis and nomenclature of polymorphisms in the genes and proteins of the bovine MHC. Although this committee has not formally met for several years, those members who are still active in the field of bovine MHC continue to oversee nomenclature.

The information gathered here is based in part on the BoLA workshop reports, produced when the committee was active, which are published in Animal Genetics and the European Journal of Immunogenetics. The workshop report data are reproduced with the permission of the publishers Blackwell Science, and other text on the site is used with the permission of CRC Press. The committee acknowledges their cooperation in making this site possible.

We have listed all the currently known and validated alleles, as nucleotide sequence alignments, for BoLA class I and class II loci in the following tables. The most recent nomenclature is used where possible, and tables of previous equivalents are given. Accession numbers and references for published sequences are listed.

The first volume of Nucleic Acids Research in 2010 is dedicated to factual databases in the field of molecular biology and contains the following paper on IPD.


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For more information on the BoLA nomenclature please contact Dr. JA Hammond or Dr. Shirley Ellis For information regarding the website and technical issues please contact IPD Support.