This tool allows you to determine which alleles contain only partial sequences and also to determine which alleles have not been confirmed in multiple sources or laboratories. To perform a query select the gene, and then the allelic designation. The "Allele" field contains an automatic wildcard so A*02 for example would retrieve all alleles starting A*02, leaving this field blank retrieves all alleles for the gene chosen. The "Display" field controls the output and can be used to restrict access to only "Unconfirmed" alleles or partial sequences.

Gene Allele Display Search
  • An allele is listed as a "Partial" sequence if the DNA sequence held is shorter than the reference sequence for the gene or locus queried.
  • An allele is listed as Confirmed if it has been sequenced by more than a single laboratory or from multiple sources (cells, DNA). Those alleles confirmed from multiple sources may originate from a single laboratory.



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