Training & tutorials


A number of online tutorials relating to InterPro are available.

training course InterPro: functional and structural analysis of protein sequences
 Alex Mitchell    Beginner    1 hour
This course will provide an in-depth guide to InterPro - how to access it, how to search the database and interpret the results.
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training course Protein classification: An introduction to EMBL-EBI resources
 Amaia Sangrador   Beginner    0.5 hour
This course provides background information on protein signature databases and their use in sequence analysis and protein classification.
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training course A Quick Tour of InterPro
 Alex Mitchell   Beginner    0.5 hour
This course provides a brief overview of InterPro, including querying the database and visualising the results using the web interface.
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InterPro hands-on practical sessions feature regularly as part of the EBI Bioinformatics Roadshow. Find out more about these training roadshows, including how to apply to host them.