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InterPro 51.0
2nd April 2015

Features include:

  • An update to TIGRFAMs (15.0), HAMAP (201502.04).
  • Integration of 315 new methods from the CATH-Gene3D, HAMAP, PANTHER, PIRSF, Pfam, ProDom, SUPERFAMILY and TIGRFAMs databases.
  • The UniProt Knowledgebase (UniProtKB) has witnessed an exponential growth in the last few years, due to vastly increased submission of multiple genomes for the same or closely related organisms. This is especially true for bacterial sequences, where different strains of the same species have been sequenced and submitted. To reduce redundancy, the UniProtKB team has identified and removed sequences corresponding to highly redundant bacterial proteomes (46.9 million entries) from UniProtKB. As the consequence, there is a 50% decrease in the number of proteins matched by InterPro 51.0.

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Contents and coverage of InterPro 51.0

InterPro protein matches are now calculated for all UniProtKB and UniParc proteins. The following statistics are for all UniProtKB proteins.
InterPro release 51.0 contains 27244 entries (last entry: IPR030934), representing:

InterPro cites 44233 publications in PubMed.

Member database information

Signature database Version Signatures* Integrated signatures**
CATH-Gene3D 3.5.0 2626 1717
HAMAP 201502.04 2001 1994
PANTHER 9.0 59948 4815
PIRSF 3.01 3285 3224
PRINTS 42.0 2106 2017
PROSITE patterns 20.105 1308 1288
PROSITE profiles 20.105 1087 1057
Pfam 27.0 14831 14130
ProDom 2006.1 1894 1118
SMART 6.2 1008 998
SUPERFAMILY 1.75 2019 1377
TIGRFAMs 15.0 4488 4349

* Some signatures may not have matches to UniProtKB proteins.
** Not all signatures of a member database may be integrated at the time of an InterPro release

Sequence database Version Count Count of proteins matching
any signature integrated signatures
UniProtKB2015_044726272438880653 (82.3%)37698895 (79.8%)
UniProtKB/TrEMBL2015_044671451638349396 (82.1%)37171557 (79.6%)
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot2015_04548208531257 (96.9%)527338 (96.2%)


Total number of GO terms mapped to InterPro entries - 30340

List of InterPro2GO mappings. These are also available through the EBI GO browser QuickGO