Release 24.0, 16 December 2009

Previous release notes

New features include:

  • This release contains 53 new methods, which include new methods from HAMAP and Pfam.

  • Pfam-B (release 24.0) matches are now displayed on the detailed view pages. Pfam-B families are un-annotated and are generated automatically from the non-redundant clusters of the latest release of ADDA (Automatic Domain Decomposition Algorithm). Although of lower quality, Pfam-B families can be useful for identifying functionally conserved regions in the absence of Pfam-A matches.

  • Links to PRIAM, provider of enzyme-specific profiles for metabolic pathway prediction, are now available from the ‘Database links’ field where a PRIAM profile matches >80% of the proteins in the InterPro entry.

  • Please Note: Pfam release 24.0 matches have been calculated using HMMER3. The majority of the updated signatures were stable; however some had significant increases or decreases in the numbers of proteins they matched (+/- 30% change), which changed the taxonomy and/or biology based on protein matches. We have begun to review these entries, checking that the InterPro entry annotation is still valid and reflects the taxonomy and biology of the proteins matched by the Pfam signatures. Those Pfam signatures which have not yet been through this review process have therefore been temporarily removed from InterPro and will be re-integrated into the InterPro database during 2010. If you have any questions about this, please contact us via support.

Contents and coverage of InterPro 24.0

InterPro protein matches are now calculated for all UniProtKB and UniParc proteins. The following statistics are for all UniProtKB proteins. InterPro release 24.0 contains 18349 entries, representing:

Active site 83
Binding site 59
Conserved site 551
Domain 5149
Family 11082
PTM 23
Region 1189
Repeat 213

Last entry: IPR021144

27387 publications in PUBMED are referenced from InterPro.

Member database information

Signature Database Version Signatures* Integrated Signatures**
HAMAP 280509 1633 517
PANTHER 6.1 30128 2234
Pfam 24.0 11912 9151
PIRSF 2.70 2742 2691
PRINTS 39.0 1950 1926
ProDom 2006.1 1894 990
PROSITE patterns 20.52 1308 1304
PROSITE profiles 20.52 860 836
SMART 6.0 809 804
TIGRFAMs 8.0 3603 3580
GENE3D 3.0.0 2147 1025
SUPERFAMILY 1.69 1538 1093

* Some signatures may not have matches to UniProtKB proteins.

** Not all signatures of a member database may be integrated at the time of an InterPro release.

Sequence Database Version Count count of proteins matching
any signature integrated signatures
UniProtKB 15.12 10547998 8950734 (84.9%) 8033642 (76.2%)
UniProt/Swiss-Prot 57.12 513877 499026 (97.1%) 484353 (94.3%)
UniProt/TrEMBL 40.12 10034121 8451708 (84.2%) 7549289 (75.2%)

InterPro to GO