Induced myeloid leukemia cell differentiation protein Mcl-1 (Q07820)

Q07820 (MCL1_HUMAN)
Homo sapiens (Human)
350 amino acids (complete)
Source: UniProtKB

Protein family membership

Homologous superfamilies

  1. Homologous superfamily
1 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 350

Domains and repeats

None predicted.

Detailed signature matches

Unintegrated signatures no IPR
Unintegrated signatures
  1. SM00337 (BCL)
  2. cd06845 (Bcl-2_like)
  3. mobidb-lite (disord...)

GO term prediction

Biological Process

GO:0042981 regulation of apoptotic process

Molecular Function

None predicted.

Cellular Component

None predicted.