Structures: HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DQ beta 1 chain (P01920)

P01920 (DQB1_HUMAN)
Homo sapiens (Human)
261 amino acids (complete)
Source: UniProtKB

Domains and repeats

  1. Domain
1 50 100 150 200 261

Structural features and predictions

  1. no IPR
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Solved structures for this protein

ID Structure Description
1jk8 Structure image for 1jk8 Crystal structure of a human insulin peptide-HLA-DQ8 complex
1uvq Structure image for 1uvq Crystal structure of HLA-DQ0602 in complex with a hypocretin peptide
4gg6 Structure image for 4gg6 Protein complex
2nna Structure image for 2nna Structure of the MHC class II molecule HLA-DQ8 bound with a deamidated gluten peptide
1s9v Structure image for 1s9v Crystal structure of HLA-DQ2 complexed with deamidated gliadin peptide