Regulator of G-protein signaling 14 (O43566)

O43566 (RGS14_HUMAN)
Homo sapiens (Human)
566 amino acids (complete)
Source: UniProtKB

Protein family membership

Homologous superfamilies

  1. Homologous superfamily
  2. Homologous superfamily
1 100 200 300 400 500 566

Domains and repeats

  1. Domain
1 100 200 300 400 500 566

Detailed signature matches

Residue annotation

GO term prediction

Biological Process

GO:0007051 spindle organization
GO:0007165 signal transduction
GO:0008277 regulation of G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway
GO:0035556 intracellular signal transduction
GO:0051301 cell division

Molecular Function

GO:0001965 G-protein alpha-subunit binding
GO:0005092 GDP-dissociation inhibitor activity
GO:0005096 GTPase activator activity
GO:0008017 microtubule binding
GO:0030695 GTPase regulator activity

Cellular Component

None predicted.