About InterProScan

What is InterProScan?

InterProScan is the software package that allows sequences (protein and nucleic) to be scanned against InterPro's signatures. Signatures are predictive models, provided by several different databases (referred to as member databases), that make up the InterPro consortium.

The software is available:

  • As a web-based tool, using the sequence search box on the InterPro homepage, for the analysis of single protein sequences (also available in the EBI tool section)
  • Programmatically via Web services that allow up to 25 sequences to be analysed per request (both SOAP and REST-based services are available)
  • As a downloadable package for local installation from the EBI's FTP server, for instructions see the detailed documentation pages.

InterProScan is run regularly against UniProtKB and the results are made available via the InterPro website.

More information

For more information, and for instructions on how to obtain, install and run InterProScan, please see the detailed documentation pages.


Bioinformatics publication cover InterProScan 5: genome-scale protein function classification
Philip Jones, David Binns, Hsin-Yu Chang, Matthew Fraser, Weizhong Li, Craig McAnulla, Hamish McWilliam, John Maslen, Alex Mitchell, Gift Nuka, Sebastien Pesseat, Antony F. Quinn, Amaia Sangrador-Vegas, Maxim Scheremetjew, Siew-Yit Yong, Rodrigo Lopez, and Sarah Hunter
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