Homologous Superfamily

Iron sulphur domain-containing, mitoNEET, C-terminal (IPR042216)

Short name: FeS-contain_mitoNEET_C

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CDGSH iron-sulfur domains (CISDs) are classified into seven major types and are widely distributed throughout the three domains of life [PMID: 21949752]. This superfamily represents the C-terminal domain found in the human CISD protein mitoNEET, also designated CSD1, an iron-containing integral protein of the outer mitochondrial membrane (OMM). MitoNEET contains two domains: a beta-cap region and a cluster-binding domain, containing the CDGSH motif, that coordinates two acid-labile 2Fe-2S clusters (one bound to each protomer) [PMID: 17766440]. The CDGSH iron-sulphur domain is oriented towards the cytoplasm and is tethered to the mitochondrial membrane by a more N-terminal domain found in higher vertebrates [PMID: 17584744, PMID: 17766440]. The whole protein regulates oxidative capacity and might be involved in electron transfer.

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