Protein C-ets-1, pointed domain (IPR041886)

Short name: SAM_PNT-ETS-1

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

Domain relationships

  • Pointed domain (IPR003118)
    • Protein C-ets-1, pointed domain (IPR041886)


This entry represents the SAM pointed domain of protein C-ets-1 (also known as ETS-1), which is an ETS transcriptional activator. The SAM pointed domain is a protein-protein interaction domain. The ETS-1 activator is regulated by phosphorylation. It contains a docking site for the ERK2 MAP (Mitogen Activated Protein) kinase, while the ERK2 phosphorylation site is located in the N-terminal disordered region upstream of the SAM Pointed domain. Mutations of the kinase docking site residues inhibit phosphorylation [PMID: 11782450, PMID: 9770451]. ETS-1 activators play a role in a number of different physiological processes, and they are expressed during embryonic development, including blood vessel formation, hematopoietic, lymphoid, neuronal and osteogenic differentiation [PMID: 11312108]. The Ets-1 gene is a proto-oncogene involved in progression of different tumors (including breast cancer, meningioma, and prostate cancer). ETS-1 is a potential molecular target for selective cancer therapy [PMID: 18855726].

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