NSD, Cys-His rich domain (IPR041306)

Short name: C5HCH

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This is an NSD-specific Cys-His rich region (C5HCH) domain. Proteins containing this domain include NSD (nuclear receptor SET domain-containing) proteins. This domain is located on the C-terminal of NSD1, 2 and 3 proteins. C5HCH domain lies adjacent to the fifth plant homeodomain (PHD5). The PHD5-C5HCH module of NSD3 (PHD5-C5HCHNSD3) recognises the H3 N-terminal peptide containing unmodified K4 and trimethylated K9. Moreover, it has been reported that the PHD5-C5HCH module of NSD1 (PHD5-C5HCH) was the sole region required for tight binding of the NUP98-NSD1 fusion protein to the HoxA9 gene promoter, implicating that PHD5-C5HCH might have chromatin targeting ability [PMID: 23269674].

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