VLRF1/Vms1 (IPR041175)

Short name: VLRF1/Vms1

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This entry represents a domain found in proteins belonging to the VLRF1 clade of the archaeo-eukaryotic RF1 (aeRF1) superfamily. The yeast Vms1 is the founding member the VLRF1 (Vms1-Like Release Factor-1) clade. In addition to the eukaryotic orthologs of Vms1 the VLRF1 clade also contains members from certain bacteria, predominantly bacteroidetes and more divergent versions in certain Archaea [PMID: 29632312].

Proteins containing this domain have a conserved glutamine residue in the release factor catalytic loop, suggesting they function as active peptidyl-tRNA hydrolases at the ribosome [PMID: 29632312].

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