Leucine zipper with capping helix domain (IPR040661)

Short name: LZ3wCH

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This domain is found at the C-terminal region of Hop2 and Mnd1 proteins. In meiotic DNA recombination, the Hop2-Mnd1 complex promotes Dmc1-mediated single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) invasion into homologous chromosomes to form a synaptic complex. Hop2 (for homologous pairing; also known as TBPIP) is expressed specifically during meiosis, same as Mnd1 (for meiotic nuclear divisions 1). The C-terminal region of both Hop2 and Mnd1, folds into three alpha-helices that are interrupted by two short non-helical regions. These alpha-helices of the two proteins together form a parallel coiled coil that provides the major interface for heterodimer formation. The non-helical regions form substantially kinked junctions between adjacent leucine zippers: the LZ1-LZ2 and LZ2-LZ3 junctions.This domain is the C-terminal segment of Hop2 and Mnd1 which folds back onto the C-terminal leucine zipper (LZ3) to form a helical bundle-like structure, hence designated LZ3wCH (for LZ3 with capping helices). The LZ3wCH region plays a role in interacting with the Dmc1 nucleofilament [PMID: 25740648].

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