RNF37, RING-Ubox (IPR039925)

Short name: RNF37_RING-Ubox

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RNF37 is an E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase found exclusively in the nucleus as part of a nuclear dot-like structure. It interacts with the molecular chaperone VCP/p97 protein. RNF37 contains a U-box domain followed by a potential nuclear location signal (NLS), and a C-terminal C3HC4-type RING-HC finger. The U-box domain is a modified RING finger domain that lacks the hallmark metal-chelating cysteines and histidines of the latter, but is likely to adopt a RING finger-like conformation. The presence of the U-box, but not of the RING finger, is required for the E3 activity. The U-box domain can directly interact with several E2 enzymes, including UbcM2, UbcM3, UbcM4, UbcH5, and UbcH8, suggesting a similar function as the RING finger in the ubiquitination pathway [PMID: 10431818, PMID: 11274149, PMID: 11435423, PMID: 20979629, PMID: 11805346, PMID: 15189447].

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