WDR59, modified RING finger, H2 subclass (C3H3C2-type) (IPR039456)

Short name: WDR59_mRING-H2-C3H3C2

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WDR59 is a component of GATOR2 complex, which also includes another four subunits, Seh1, Sec13, Sea2/WDR24, and Mio/Sea4. GATOR2 and GATOR1, which is composed of three subunits, DEPDC5, Nprl2, and Nprl3, form the Rag-interacting complex GATOR (GAP Activity Towards Rags). Inhibition of GATOR1 subunits makes mTORC1 signaling resistant to amino acid deprivation. In contrast, inhibition of GATOR2 subunits suppresses mTORC1 signaling and GATOR2 negatively regulates DEPDC5. WDR59 contains an N-terminal WD40 domain followed by a RWD domain, and a C-terminal RING-H2 finger with an unusual arrangement of zinc-coordinating residues. The cysteines and histidines in RING-H2 finger are arranged as a modified C3H3C2-type, rather than the canonical C3H2C3-type. Sea3 is the yeast counterpart of WDR59. It is not included in this entry [PMID: 23723238].

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