ABT1/Esf2 (IPR039119)

Short name: ABT1/Esf2

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This entry represents the nuclear protein ABT1 and its homologous counterpart, pre-rRNA-processing protein Esf2 (eighteen S factor 2), from yeast.

ABT1 associates with the TATA-binding protein (TBP) and enhances basal transcription activity of class II promoters. Meanwhile, ABT1 could be a transcription cofactor that can bind to DNA in a sequence-independent manner [PMID: 10648625].

Esf2 is involved in pre-18S rRNA processing and is required for SSU processome assembly and function [PMID: 15964808]. It binds to RNA and stimulates ATPase activity of Dbp8 [PMID: 16772403].

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