Homologous Superfamily

Terminase small subunit, N-terminal domain superfamily (IPR038713)

Short name: Terminase_Gp1_N_sf

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Packaging of double-stranded viral DNA concatemers requires interaction of the prohead with virus DNA. This process is mediated by a phage-encoded DNA recognition and terminase protein. The terminase enzymes described so far, which are hetero-oligomers composed of a small and a large subunit, do not have a significant level of sequence homology. The small terminase subunit is thought to form a nucleoprotein structure that helps to position the terminase large subunit at the packaging initiation site [PMID: 2679356].

This entry represents the N-terminal domain of the terminase small subunit, which is involved in DNA-binding [PMID: 22858866].

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