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NET domain superfamily (IPR038336)

Short name: NET_sf

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The bromodomain and extraterminal (BET) proteins are a class of transcriptional regulators whose members can be found in animals, plants and fungi. BET proteins are involved in diverse cellular phenomena such as meiosis, cell-cycle control, and homeosis and have been suggested to modulate chromatin structure and affect transcription via a sequence-independent mechanism. BET proteins are defined as having one (plants) or two (animals/yeast) bromodomains and an Extra Terminal (ET) domain. The ET domain consists of three separate regions, only one of which, the N-terminal ET (NET) domain is conserved in all BET proteins. The function of the NET domain is assumed to be protein binding [PMID: 7816623, PMID: 11487468, PMID: 12969431, PMID: 18815416].

The structure of the NET domain comprises three alpha-helices and a characteristic loop region of an irregular but well-defined structure. The NET structure has an acidic patch that forms a continuous ridge with a hydrophobic cleft. which may interact with other proteins and/or DNA [PMID: 18815416].

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