Homologous Superfamily

KIN17, WH-like domain superfamily (IPR038254)

Short name: KIN17_WH-like_sf

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Kin17 is a highly conserved protein that participates in DNA replication, DNA repair and cell cycle progression [PMID: 15831485, PMID: 28454391].

Region 51-160 of human Kin17 folds into an atypical winged helix (WH) domain. It consists of a three-alpha-helix bundle packed against a three-stranded beta-sheet. Structural comparison with analogous WH domains reveals that Kin17 WH module presents an additional helix. In addition, helix H3 is not positively charged as in classical DNA-binding WH domains [PMID: 18029424]. This domain may be involved in protein-protein interactions.

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