Homologous Superfamily

T6S-associated protein TagF superfamily (IPR038225)

Short name: TagF_sf

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This entry includes the T6S-associated protein, TagF, a post-translational repressor of the hemolysin co-regulated secretion island I (HSI-I)-encoded type VI secretion system (H1-T6SS), found in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The type VI secretion system (T6SS) is found broadly among the Proteobacteria and is implicated in diverse processes including host-cell interactions, biofilm formation and gene regulation. Furthermore, studies indicate that the T6SS plays a critical role in interbacterial interactions. TagF has been shown to regulate the activity of the H1-T6SS in a manner that does not require phosphorylated-Fha1, PpkA, or other Tag proteins. TagF forms a homodimer with nearly identical monomers composed of alpha and beta elements assembled as a three-layer sandwich (alpha-beta-alpha) [PMID: 22017253].

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