Homologous Superfamily

Transposon Tn1545/Tn916, excisionase (IPR038148)

Short name: Tn1545/Tn916_Xis

Overlapping entries


This superfamily includes excisionases from transposon Tn1545 [PMID: 2551683] and Tn916.

The phage-encoded excisionase protein Tn916-Xis adopts a winged-helix structure that consists of a three-stranded anti-parallel beta-sheet that packs against a helix-turn-helix (HTH) motif and a third C-terminal alpha-helix. It is encoded for by Tn916, which also codes for the integrase Tn916-Int. The protein interacts with DNA by the insertion of helix alpha-2 into the major groove and the contact of the hairpin that connects strands beta-2 and beta-3 with the adjacent phosphodiester backbone and/or minor groove. Tn916-Xis stimulates phage excision and inhibits viral integration by stabilising distorted DNA structures [PMID: 15733914].

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