Homologous Superfamily

Nanos domain superfamily (IPR038129)

Short name: Nanos_sf

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Nanos is a highly conserved RNA-binding protein in higher eukaryotes and functions as a key regulatory protein in translational control using a 3'untranslated region during the development and maintenance of germ cells. Nanos comprises a non-conserved amino-terminus and highly conserved carboxy-terminal regions. The C-terminal region has two conserved Cys-Cys-His-Cys (CCHC)-type zinc-finger motifs that are indispensable for nanos function [PMID: 8223259, PMID: 10518502, PMID: 20948543].

The structure of the nanos-type zinc finger is composed of two independent zinc-finger (ZF) lobes, the N-terminal ZF1 and the C-terminal ZF2, which are connected by a linker helix [PMID: 20948543]. These lobes create a large cleft. Zinc ions in ZF1 and ZF2 are bound to the CCHC motif by tetrahedral coordination.

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