Homologous Superfamily

TRF2-interacting telomeric protein/Rap1, C-terminal domain superfamily (IPR038104)

Short name: Rap1_C_sf

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This superfamily represents the C-terminal domain of the protein Rap-1, which plays a distinct role in silencing at the silent mating-type loci and telomeres [PMID: 18538788]. The Rap-1 C terminus adopts an all-helical fold. Rap1 carries out its function by recruiting the Sir3 and Sir4 proteins to chromatin via its C-terminal domain [PMID: 18538788]. Rap1 is otherwise known as TRF2-interacting protein, as it is one of the six subunit components of the Shelterin complex. Shelterin protects telomere ends from attack by DNA-repair mechanisms [PMID: 15316005, PMID: 16166375, PMID: 20339076, PMID: 20622869].

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