Homologous Superfamily

PhoU-like domain superfamily (IPR038078)

Short name: PhoU-like_sf

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PhoU proteins are known to play a role in the regulation of phosphate uptake. The PhoU domain is composed of a three helix bundle [PMID: 15716271]. The PhoU protein contains two copies of this domain. The domain binds to an iron cluster via its conserved E/DXXXD motif. Deletion of PhoU activates constitutive expression of the phosphate ABC transporter and allows phosphate transport, but causes a growth defect; suggesting that the protein has some secondary function [PMID: 8226621].

The crystal structure of PHOU_AQUAE reveals two similar coiled-coil PhoU domains, each forming a three-helix bundle [PMID: 15937186].

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