Homologous Superfamily

Chaperonin-like RbcX superfamily (IPR038052)

Short name: Chaperonin_RbcX_sf

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The RbcX protein has been identified as having a possible chaperonin-like function [PMID: 9642201]. The rbcX gene is juxtaposed to and cotranscribed with rbcL and rbcS encoding RubisCO in Anabaena sp. (strain CA / ATCC 33047). RbcX has been shown to possess a chaperonin-like function assisting correct folding of RubisCO in Escherichia coli expression studies and is needed for RubisCO to reach its maximal activity [PMID: 9171433].

RbcX forms a homodimer with two cooperating RbcL-binding regions [PMID: 17574029]. It is composed of five helices per subunit with irregular array of short and long helices, it also has an unusually long protruding C-terminal helix [PMID: 17881829].

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